ACES promotional event in Ormož

20.06.2014 07:30
Active Citizens for Europe through School (ACES)

On Friday 20 June 2014 a promotional event was organized in Ormož, in order to promote EU and national civic knowledge and identity. The event was organized in the frame of promotion of the toolbox for EU citizenship education that rests on the action learning pedagogical approach that the project and the toolbox nurtures. In line with this, a contest for best artistic product expressing civic identity (European and national) and for group most proficient in civic literacy was prepared. The event promoted constructed toolbox for teaching EU citizenship education that contains all available information concerning the curriculum and teaching techniques. The event also exposed weaknesses of current state of citizenship education in schools – particularly in terms of European dimension and provide information in what sense the toolbox adds to existing curricular content. The event informed the stakeholders and pupils about the strengths of the toolbox and provide “hands-on” experience with the tool. It targeted the European dimension of the citizenship education and put forward the pedagogical approaches utilized within this framework. The event was divided into several parts, which were coordinated by Dr. Tomaž Deželan. In the introductory part, the essence of the project in the wider frame of EU LLP programme was presented and the entire rationale of the event explained. This was followed by a fabrication of artistic products on EU/national identity that targeted civic attitudes and identity of pupils, their reflection of these concepts as well as the main conceptions that pupils have when thinking on EU and the nation-state. Afterwards, Dr. Miro Hacek, professor from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, delivered an interactive lecture on the issue. The lecture was complemented by a personal experience of a distinguished local stakeholder, who shared his experience and reflected the role of the ste and the EU in some key moments of our common history. This was a member of the Presidency of the Regional Association of Veterans of the war for Slovenia, Mr. Boris Vukan. Later on, three classes of the 8th graders competed in citizenship education quiz, which forms a basic part of the EU citizenhip toolbox. Therefore, the toolbox was promoted by performing a competition between classes, thus also nurturing the class identity.The event finished with the exhibition of the produced materials related to citizenship education, which was also later processed and analyzed for the influence of school curriculum on civic attitudes of pupils.

Gallery of photos from promotional event in Ormož