Civict (Initiative for civic application of ICT) is a set of projects that are coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Tomaž Deželan within the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences. The aim of the Initiative is to strengthen the competences of students and teachers to function in a modern European social-political space and to strengthen critical thinking and the engagement of citizens.

In the framework of the initiative the following projects are being (were) implemented: Active Citizens for Europe through School (ACES); Developing Active Citizens of Europe through School (dACES); Slovenian and US citizenship regimes in comparative perspective; Contemporary Administrative System of the European Union; and Tackling Radicalism through Active Citizenship of Europe in Schools (trACES). The projects address the problem of civic education teachers, who are lacking of suitable materials for dynamic and interactive teaching. Our projects try to tackle this issue; particularly noteworthy is the ACES project, which has been labelled as Success Story by the EC and is successfully continuing with the dACES and trACES projects.

All project related news and events can be found on the website and on Facebook and Twitter.