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15.02.2018 09:00

On Thursday (15 February 2018) and Friday (16 February 2018) the Faculty of Social Sciences hosted Second Alliance meeting in Ljubljana. 

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03.06.2019 22:26

Integrating Entrepreneurship and Work Experience into Higher Education (WEXHE)

WEXHE is a three-year Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance Project supporting the development of work-based learning relating to HE internships/work placements, traineeships and entrepreneurship. The project does this by building on past research and existing practice, engaging stakeholders and practitioners, developing tools and capacity, informing policy, and piloting ways forward.

The project is led by University of Groningen, with ten participating organisations representing HEIs, SMEs, Chambers of Commerce, and Associations. The Alliance has been designed in order to ensure that the main stakeholders for work experience and entrepreneurship in HE are engaged, are able to learn from one another and are able to actively shape and disseminate outcomes and build capacity.

The major fieldwork of IEWEXHE is implemented in 7 countries – Cyprus, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Slovenia and the UK – to identify and analyse current provision of work experience in the HEIs, and create 12 replicable modules of WBL together with guidance on management, quality assurance, learning outcomes, funding and accreditation.

In the last year of the project the results will be promoted in all EU countries and other world regions through Tuning.