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Lecture 4 at secondary school Šolski center Celje, Gimnazija Lava more →
16.10.2018 12:10

On Tuesday (16 October 2018) we conducted a lecture for pupils of class 3.B (2 hours) on topic of radicalization and media literacy at High School Šolski center Celje, Gimnazija Lava.

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14.08.2017 08:05

This project is not active

Tackling Radicalism through Active Citizenship of Europe in Schools (trACES)

The aim of the project (trACES) is to prepare a curriculum, designed to combat youth radicalization, and to complement a blended learning toolkit for teaching and learning (EU) citizenship, which is based on a methodology developed under our ACES project (ACES - 542835-LLP-1-2013-1-AJM-ICS), which has been labelled as Success Story by the EC.

The project trACES tackles growing concern of radicalization by providing special seminars and development of appropriate educational tools for teachers and trainers to empower and inform them how to tackle the phenomenon of radicalization. The use of the newly-designed Anti-Radicalization curriculums for primary schools, general secondary and VET schools, and youth centres and youth clubs will not only improve youth's knowledge of European political processes and facilitate European values but also steer youth towards democracy and tolerance. Moreover, the curriculum will contribute to respond to the opportunities and challenges raised by the increasing numbers of refugees in the EU by condemning the use of stereotype and xenophobic violence against refugees and immigrants.

The project is set to achieve the goals set by acquainting students with the concepts of civil, political and social citizenship in the context of the EU and address barriers that drive radicalization. Based on the inclusion of all relevant stakeholders in the field, trACES assures greatest possible quality assurance and translation of results to the actual policies.